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Challenge #01151-C054: One Blizzard-riddled Afternoon in the Antarctic Circle

Have you seen 'The Thing'? The 1982 one, based on 'Who Goes There?', not the 2011 prequel. Well...

Prometheus: I know you gentlemen have been through a lot, but when you find the time, I'd rather not spend the rest of eternity TIED TO THIS FUCKING ROCK! -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: I've seen the 1950's version of The Thing (aka: The Secret Origin of the Flaming Carrot) and I have to wonder about scientist's need to give random shit from space some human blood. What the hell are the thought processes behind that logic, please? Enquiring minds need to know]

"He looks a bit peekid..."

"He's chained to a freaking rock in the middle of the antarctic... I should think he has the right to look worse."

"I think we should give him some human blood. Like... feed it to him?"

"Again? Again? You haven't learned from the last freaking time? We had to burn the base and blow up the alien ship and you still need to feed random things human goddamn blood?"

"...don't kinkshame me, bro..."

The apparent leader made soft little groan that was nearly a cough. The universal sound that meant O God(s) damn it, for fuck's sake... "Are you seriously telling me," they said, "you nearly started a homophagic apocalypse... BECAUSE OF A KINK?!"

Prometheus sighed. "Yeah. Okay. You have issues. I just have two questions: Is it alive, and can it hear you two yelling? Because now I really want to not be tied to this fucking rock. I think I hear something moving, out there, and it doesn't sound like another seal or a penguin."

The kinky one looked over his shoulder. "Uhm..."

The leader brought out an implement. "I have a bone saw. Do not make me regret this, bro."

"Done sold. Get sawing."

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