But I Can't

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There's something happening here

What is is, ain't exactly clear...

Those are the first words in Buffalo Springfield's For What it's Worth, and now that I have that song in my head, I think they apply.

Couple of "funny" occurrences that I can't chalk up to reality happened in the night. The first was at 3:30 AM, my usual time for waking up in the Wee Small.

There was a noise like an aluminium pie plate wobbling about. First thought: Oh, the cat found the cheesecake tin. Probably not good for the sleek little creature, but also mostly harmless.

Second thought: O shit. I was supposed to put the cheesecake away!

I leap up out of bed and toddle quietly into the kitchen. Not another living soul but I and no signs of a pie plate. Nor any hint of cheesecake past or present. Someone else had put the cheesecake away and it wasn't my friend or I.

Well. I'm pretty sure it isn't my friend or I.

So I lurch back to bed after a couple of false starts (including remembering to put my watch on the charger) and try to get back to sleep. The usual lack of success is had and, as I roll over, I definitely see a shadow appear on the wall.

It was just slightly above the doorknob's shadow, and rather like someone peeking in on me. but just the head. No sign of any other body part. I sat up and looked through the same door and... nobody there.

I'm sure there's a rational explanation for all of this, but rational explanations are rare on the ground at 3AM when one has just seen a shadow that can't exist (my friend snores).

And sleep is hard to find when one has just seen a shadow, et cetera, et cetera.

It's probably my brain misfiring. An optical illusion or my half-asleep self having a waking dream or something wrong with me. But it's also really had to convince myself of that in the dark.