Brotherhood Boys

A 2-post collection

A new Korean restaurant opens up near the X-Mansion. Todd discovers beondegi.


“I know it’s cheap to eat here, but god damn… who wants to eat this crap?”

“Koreans, maybe?” said Todd. “Look, jus’ try a few things a’ight? Koreans eat it an’ live.“

"I don’t eat anything I can’t identify,” said Pietro.

“I stopped listening at ‘all you can eat’,” said Freddy. He was already taking a sampler.

“Heywow… How’d they get all the little lines on this popcorn thing?” asked Todd.

Lance looked at one. “Uh. That ‘popcorn thing’ has legs, Todd…"

“Be… on… deggy…” Toad read. “I like ‘em.“

Lance almost told him, and then decided not to. What the hell. Todd ate bugs on a regular basis, anyway.

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The Brotherhood make a Youtube video that goes viral


“I’munna do it!” the camera dodges through a dark interior, into the bright, snow-filled landscape.

“Don’t fucking do it!” This speaker is the owner of a greasy mullet and wears shirtsleeves and a vest even in the middle of winter. “I swear to God, Toad…“

“I’munna DO it!” the camera pans up to find a skinny boy in a toboggan perched precariously on the roof of a three-storey house.

“How did he even get up there?

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