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So close...

I have 1 721 Steem. One thousand, seven hundred and twenty one. I need a solid eighteen hundred to have enough steem to get enough bitcoin to change into enough money to FINALLY get my Compy fixeded.

And buy my very own laptop that's 100% mine and I never have to worry about what sacrifices to make ever again. Yay.

Or it would have been if Bitcoin's value hadn't sunk like a stone, recently.

Now I have to save up to 2K Steem. My hope lies in the value of Bitcoin getting up there again. Or some bajillionaire finding my shit, finding it worthy, and dropping all the money I'd ever need in my Ko-fi.

I can dream.

I know exactly when Bitcoin will stop being worth chump change, too. Five fucking minutes after I pay for my new compy and my actual own lappy. Because of course it will.

Meanwhile, I've traded 1000 Steem for a fraction of a bitcoin, and am now waiting for that much to land in my Coinjar so I can convert it to Aussie Dollars.

Thereby leaving me halfway there to the full amount I need.

But also having a tempting enough to actually get the compy seen to. Which is, after all, my main concern. The lappy is a bonus, when I get down to it. All the problems of my loaner lappy are annoying, but not enough to trash it. Yet.

And I may yet go through my assorted fanficcery folders and transfer them over to Google Docs. Just so that they're backed up on the Cloud and my Drobo and saved on my compy.

Paranoia pays, sometimes.

So I have a couple more weeks. Maybe. To get the moneys actually to me. Which is kind'a cool. A couple more weeks. Sitting on my hands and hoping.

Meanwhile... I need to figure out how to advertise my shit for the most benefit with the least expenditure. And how often I can get away with it, too.

But for now - I await Miss Chaos' bus and get on with Babes in the Woods.