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Challenge #01058-B326: Desperate Measures

Pick one -- Gallifreya

Cam had had enough. Their entire adventure across half the realm had been full of bailing out of flirting. Near misses and excruciating closeness mixed with nigh-intolerable formality.

It had been painful. Didn't Bes know how awesome she was? How wonderful she was for everyone around her. It wasn't that she had a Bard's natural glamour. It was all charm and charisma. And... just being Bes.

All Cam could think about was holding her. Kissing those loquacious lips. Staying safe together wherever they went, skin to skin. Her scent in Cam's nostrils from dusk until dawn. Every day.

The absence of such was a pain that Cam could no longer bear.

Which was why Cam stole the love potion from the Fae Knight, after they'd defeated him. Potent stuff, apparently. One drop in the intendeds food or drink would have them absolutely giddy with infatuation.

Love would bloom or it wouldn't, but at least Cam would know what Bes' flirting looked like.

It was a perfect night for camping. Bright, beautiful stars and a harvest moon. Fireflies danced on the grass and there wasn't a bloodsucking insect for miles.

Cam added a fateful drop to Bes' cup and handed it over before she could lose her nerve.

"Beautiful night," said Cam.

Bes sipped her drink. "Aye. Almost more beautiful than you. Er. Not to say you aren't beautiful. I mean. It's lovely. You're lovely. Aesthetically speaking, I mean. There's a reason why all those people follow you around and I know Charisma was your dump stat... Um."

More of the typical back-pedalling from the bard. Cam let her babble. The potion should have worked instantly. It was the most potent, most undeniable, most enduring of love potions to ever exist.

"So... you've been flirting with me the entire adventure, right?"

"Um. Sort of? Only I dunno if you're into me? Or not into me? And lots of the dashing Rogue types get really offended if I try anything? Like... I like girls? But way too many girls don't like me back? And I have this bad habit of blurting stuff? Or saying stuff sideways? And I never know if I'm gonna get a fist to the jaw or a kiss on the cheek? And I love adventuring with you. Like I never want it to end? And please don't punch me, it hurts bad enough already..."

O for the love of Gods... Cam breached the distance between them and kissed her lips gently. "You're annoying but I love you anyway," she said.

There were traces of the potion on Bes' lips. But it didn't matter. The potion just didn't work on people who were in love to begin with.

And Bes the bard reacted with a typical bardic succinctness. "Holy shit..."

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