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Challenge #03373-I085: Conflict Resolution

Hammer headed cane, sturdy, handy assistance device, it can 'hook' bags off the floor, and dislodge high items from shelves. It also strongly resembles a Medieval War Hammer. -- KnitNan

[TIL: If you search for 'cane' you get a whole bunch of doggos. Cute, but not what I was looking for]

Reeve Hallad Stoneblood had a limp from an old injury. In cold weather, especially, he had need of a walking stick. This made bandits assume that he may be easy pickings on his travels between homesteads.

We should all know what happens to people who assume.

This group of baby bandits did not. Not one of them had reached their second decade, yet. Some of them may be lucky to do so. There were six of them, wearing old sacks in lieu of proper masks. Carrying what they thought were impressive weapons.

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