Bad Sleep

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I got this... I think

So this time my internal alarm clock was really set to "fuck you" and got me conscious at like 11:30 PM on the same evening that I went to sleep. Like fuck was I getting out of bed before midnight, though.

Beloved was worse, they hadn't even come to bed yet and I could hear a TV show going. Not a help for regaining slumber.

Beloved comes to bed and tells me I should try going back to sleep. Not an instant fix, my love. Not as easy as it sounds for me.

Nevertheless, I managed to snatch some more sleep and woke again closer to my actual 5:30AM alarm. Yay.

The downside of all that is that I didn't get anything recorded this morning. Whoopsydoodle. At least I got a decent amount of sleep.

And now... another story. A rant. And then a fanfiction. Plus five hundred words, minimum.

The weather is making my head hurt, so I'm having some extra fun times as well.

...why do I hurt myself?