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Challenge #03866-J214: A Decent Start

"I admire you, you're never afraid of anything, you're so strong. I'm weak, a coward."

"Who said I'm not afraid?"

"But... you always manage to get through these things no matter how bad things get."

"Kid, here's the thing. I'm often afraid while I do this job. But the trick is to control your fear, take a deep breath, and keep going. It's ok to be afraid, just.. don't let it stop you. Fear can be your friend making you remember to stay safe, too, after all." -- Anon Guest

"How?" said the kid. He had tried to help, but only had a pathetic collection of twigs and bark in hand. It was still not a bad haul for a little lordship who had never been in the wilderness before.

The adventurer had constructed a bivouac out of local saplings, a string made out of local bark, and a lot of the clothes that needed to dry. There was a bed made out of inter-woven sticks. There was also a dead boar that he was also in the middle of skinning. "I suppose it helps to know what to do, so you don't have to worry about what to do."

"I'm still scared of the dark," confessed his lordship.

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