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Happy New Year!

Beloved has their Tesla and it is a pretty awesome car. I am still waiting through all of January for a response to my sending out of Adapting to potential agents/publishers according to what I can find on #MSWL.

Australia has rung in the new year in the traditional way - by attempting to blow up the Sydney Harbour Bridge with fireworks. This despite numerous warnings that most of Sydney could catch fire as a direct result.

Honestly, I am surprised to NOT find headlines about Sydney being on fire and the Australian Government who decided this was a good idea being shocked about this surprising turn of events.

ScoMo's still on Australia's shit list for fucking off to Hawaii whilst New South Wales burned and I do not hold out high hopes for the Liberals this next election season. For those viewing in the US, the Liberal party is like the worst bunch of right-wingers ever conceived by the nightmares of pre-ghost-encounter Ebenezer Scrooge.

It's like the Hawaii thing happened and the screen got a caption that said, Australia will remember this, in an ominous font.

We are headed down to Scenic Coominya to show off the Tesla and have some family together time. So I shall attempt to focus on today's story.

Le Resolutions:

  • Attempt to finish SESP, possibly via livestreaming my work on it
  • Continue writing
  • Get back to arting

I'm'a keep it to three. I can't make resolutions that depend on the actions and decisions of others to happen. For example: I can't sell Adapting if nofucker will buy it. Anyways. I have delayed enough.

Onwards to making some fiction.