Swag Day!

Celebrations are done and I have yet to scoop up the wrapping paper. But this year was a decent haul.

Beloved gift-wrapped the meds I sent them to get and the pegs I asked for. Sneaky sod. But I also got some sweet tech out of the deal.

  • A shower speaker that I can blue-tooth link to my phone and blast Steam Powered Giraffe whilst I lather up.
  • A bluetooth radio deelie that I can also link with my phone and have my best tunes filling the house
  • Three new DVDs (individually wrapped) in the super-new hi-def formula. Chappie, World of Warcraft and Maze Runners: The Scorch Trials
  • And some pretty cool velvet-flocked hangers to eliminate the Clean Clothes Pile a little bit.

There's fifty of those hangers and I'm sharing some with Beloved, but I have more shirts than that. I know we'll revert to the extant hangers when those new ones are used up, and I still have the problem of socks and jocks. They also need a resting place. And somehow, I don't think the Undies Basket is going to cut it.

I trust in providence. There will be a solution that doesn't introduce avenues for further clutter.

Along with throwing out all the things that don't fit, are falling apart, and are just... not... liked.

I also had a mega-cheat day involving TWO slices of cake (one with spray cream and the other with ice cream), lollies, fizzy drink, and chips. And fish and chips for dinner. Lovely.

And then I had to walk it off today. Beloved revealed that they'd never walk if I wasn't bullying them to do it. I said again that Beloved's company is what makes the walk worthwhile.

We did a full half-hour. And a little extra. So now I'm tired as heck, but I still have loads to do.

Loads of laundry. Loads of writing. Loads of cleaning. Loads of tidying....