Sunday, Day 0, Whew!

One new case, an import. Sixteen total, fourteen in hospital, which leaves two with the relative freedom of resisting the minibar. It's Day 20 in Queensland.

Got kittycat fodder, got coconut milk, got some treats that I can't eat any more. I got to taste mochi and baklava and of the two I think I prefer mochi. The paste in the middle feels a bit weird, but it's not entirely off-putting for me. Fellow Autistes may have issues with the "gritty mashed beans" feel of the stuff. YMMV.

Baklava, for the record, is a little bit tough on my teeth. Given the intense prep of the stuff, I thought it would be softer.

There was a lot of running around. Very tiring. And yet, for all that hullaballoo, I could only sleep for two hours at a time. Which is why I went to nap straight after Toasty's stream. I am now watching Tale Foundry reading the story entries.


In the news:

  • There is a worse family for incest that's not the royal family
  • 25YO mother turns to her father-in-law for an affair. Yikes on bikes
  • Natalie Portman spotted in a Sydney Pub
  • Bunnings signs are hand-written
  • India in a state of collapse as Industry Pharma refuses to distribute the vaccines to poorer nations
  • No hope for the missing sub
  • Weird man has been leaving chalk marks on homes
  • Muppet got called "weak" and now he's throwing a tanty

And now, I attempt to write a fiction.