Sunday, Day 0, Stream Day

Four new cases, giving us a total of fifty eight active cases. Three patients in ICU, fifty-four in hospital. So I'm guessing that only the four newest ones are the ones who aren't in hospital yet. This is scary beans. No local transmission, but... also more chances of it kicking off.

I'm powering down my Peakd account for reasons that are related to the continuing need to fix our bathroom before the sink finally breaks someone's leg. There's other reasons, but I'm waiting on confirmation of my suspicions before I start screaming, "J'accuse!"

There's a stream in the wee smol this morning, and Tale Foundry is not streaming this afternoon. More chances for me to rest after Toasty's stream this AM.

In the news:

  • Shitty storms continue to slam the hell out of NSW and Victoria
  • Olympics approach, people begin hue and cry for people to come together ["Damn the virii, full profits ahead!"]
  • Flood photos going around. Sooner or later, we will see that "shark on the highway" photo
  • Most stolen item in JB's is Kerser CD's. Haven't heard peep about him before now, but best of luck to him
  • China complaining that other nations are reacting to their sabre-rattling in the open seas
  • Earthquake hits Japan, no tsunamis expected
  • "Reality" TV star complains about doll representing Down Syndrome, cops backlash, issues apology
  • Couple who vanished in Victoria may have seen something they shouldn't and were killed for it
  • Couple separated by floods on their wedding day
  • Five white house staffers fired for previous cannabis use. Sigh...

I will be committing fiction at my own pace.