Successfully Bullied Myself

I've been gassing for days about making a start on my Kobold Bard's adventures. Last night, I got going on actually doing that. Yay.

I'm not done yet, but I will eventually be done. I have all of next week to create a story out of my brief adventure notes.

Not pushing myself there where I push myself to do other things. This is for entertainment. It should be entertaining for me. At the very least.

Shouldn't do it if it's not fun.

If Tumblr implodes or if the stupid European Censorship Law prevents social media from being a thing (doubtful) then I'll post the adventures over on my Wordpress as bonus content for y'all.

Timing is everything my dears.

Today's another cleaning day. So part of my time will be absorbed in unfucking the fuckening that happened before. How far I get depends on my ability to focus.

Everyone should start their day with a good laugh, right?