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Saturday, Day 0, Hiding?

Eight new cases, one local, seven imported. Eighty-two active, seventy in hospital and one in the ICU. That leaves eleven that could get loose and cause a whole bunch of trouble for Queensland. Sigh. So much for end-of-summer beach time.

Ah well. Better safe than sorry.

Today, I take some well-deserved me-time and an early sleep so I can be awake in the wee smol for Toasty's stream. I may catch up with Critical Role. I may fall asleep to hideous murders.

Or I might give my Beloved some trouble because I now OFFICIALLY have the moolah necessary to fix the dang bathroom. I just hit the Spouse Quoted Amount to stop the slo-mo disaster in there. WOOOOO!

I may yet party about this. We shall see.

I'm not looking at the news. The furforal with the bathroom is enough excitement for this ageing nerd.

Successfully Bullied Myself

I've been gassing for days about making a start on my Kobold Bard's adventures. Last night, I got going on actually doing that. Yay.

I'm not done yet, but I will eventually be done. I have all of next week to create a story out of my brief adventure notes.

Not pushing myself there where I push myself to do other things. This is for entertainment. It should be entertaining for me. At the very least.

Shouldn't do it if it's not

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