Stream morning yaaaayyyy

I set up the skeleton of ep 25 of Inter-Mission and because the stream is still going as I write, I can't edit. That might happen later today.

I gotta count my prepped meals to figure out how long it's going to be before I prep a buttload of meals again. Whether or not that's going to happen in the middle of the Covid Crisis.

Which would make everything... interesting to say the least.

Stream action's back on. Hang on.

Ah, that was some delicious angst juice.

I shall attempt to write a story and then maybe edit that episode I set up before this coming Friday.

The great news for future sourdoughs is that I have found one place to get all the stuff I need to make a real sourdough loaf. The problem is that it's shut today. Bleh.

At least there won't be crowds of manic people emptying the shelves of cooking shit. I have a decent chance of getting all that nonsense with a minimum of fuss and bother.

Supermarket shelves are still empty of disposable paper products because stupid panic. At least if I'm going to panic, it's going to be a logical, thought-out process.

I have a kitty bothering me for foods, so I shall get the important business done and then attempt to focus on the output for today.

Stay tuned, dear readers.