Start Your Engines...

I dotpainted my mini's face this morning, all ready for a visit to the Warhammer Shoppe with some of my other practice dudes and like 90% of my kit.

I'm also stopping by Costco to spend a honkload of money on stocking up with random nonsense. In this case: pork belly, seaweed, and hollandaise. Given how we go through all three of those things, that's going to be a sock in the breadbasket.

Mayhem starts work on Monday, and he'll be using this as an opportunity to get his driving hours up. BUT... because he starts on Monday, we need to get him some black pants and a pair of safety boots.

That's a lot of a Leyland's Tour for me.

So I've left one third of these occupations to my Beloved because he can actually withstand a lot more anxiety-inducing rattling about than I can. Plus it lets Mayhem sleep in whilst we're farting around with washes and pig parts.

It also lets me curl up somewhere soft and chill after all of my nonsense is done with. Which I shall definitely need to do.

I'm tired, and shaky anyway, and I know I shouldn't have any coffee in case I need to fine paint AT the Warhammer Shoppe, but... I need coffee... Gyah.

Onwards to storytelling before the firkin shops open.