Social Obligations

Chaos is attending a party, today. This is a chance for me to network with other Parentals, and social interaction practice for a chronic introvert. No, not Chaos. Think again. Yep. Me.

Chaos is going to be fine. She'll just leap in while I'm still solving five-dimensional social conversation math. I'll wear my little SPG gear pin just in case there's a fellow Steampunk nerd there. I always have high hopes of making a new, nerdy friend.

And if someone asks... and only if someone asks, I can inform about Ketogenics and how carbs are bad, m'kay.

Otherwise, I can just swap infodumps about Doctor Who with the party kid. I got 50 years worth of didjano's, kiddo. Try me.

Meanwhile, I have a story to write between now and ten, and the distractibility factor of a kitten at a rave party.