So much for plns

I had a nice, relaxing day mostly-at-home planned for myself, and like the best-laid plans of mice and man... they've gone agley.

The dude who mis-cut our window replacement now has the proper replacement ready. So I have to get all the heck way out there, measure it to check, and collect it. I also have to go get a parcel from North Lakes so that I can finally store all my rescue singles properly. Once they're cleaned and verified playable, of course.

So now I have to get a rattle on. Probably as soon as I'm done with my blogging here. Because having a functional window is important. As is having a proper space for my singles.

My problem is that there's no least-cost pathing for this excursion. The Caboolture Industrial District and North Lakes are in opposite directions and involve turning around to go home again. I think I'll get the window first. I can reach the highway from there and fast-track this little journey.

I been introduced to Cream of Oxo Cube Soup. It's a very nice lazy food that is perfect for sick days. Oxo is a brand of stock cubes that don't contain carbs, so they're perfect for us. One cube does a good dose of soup. Chicken flavour for preference. As for the cream, we add that after the stock's reconstituted.

It's frikkin delicious.

And since I'm pathologically incapable of not sharing a treat, I shared that information with Mayhem. Who also loves it. So of course my morning school run included a stop-off at the shops for a metric fuckton of more Chicken flavour Oxo cubes.

We're gonna need them.

I'm off, but I should be back soon. Story happens then.