Sneezin', Wheezin' and CYCLONE Season

If there's anything worse than Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season, it's that plus fucking Low Pressure Systems making my face firkin hurt.

Today's episode of Fuck My Life began at half-past one in the morning and only abated because I finally got to the Ibuprofen plus Acetaminophen at 8ish. For Australians: Neurofen and Panadol. For the Americans: Nurofen and Tylenol.

I don't know any other nation's brands. Fill me in. I love to learn things.

So yeah. Spotty sleep. Painful face. An air conditioner set to 'cool' instead of 'auto'... Small wonder I now have that grungy, ur-cold feeling in my sinuses and throat. So I shall be laying in Shandy Supplies so I can get the ginger I need without excess sugar.

And I really need to plot getting enough fat in my diet, because our intake is almost pure protein at the moment. Working on it. Working on it, I promise.

And when I'm done with today's Instant and Blast scheduling, I will be off on a grand run-around for supplies and MeMum's Mum's Day gift. We need all the good fats again. Huzzah?

So my weekly musings on Wordpress may come later than expected. I don't even know what I'm going to write, yet.

Fun times for me, my dear readers. Fun, fun times.