Sneaky Sneaky

I know for a fact that my Best Beloved does not read this blog. Therefore I'm about to get away with everything I'm detailing here.

I've refrained from detailing the purchases I made yesterday to get Beloved's birthmas gift. And today, somewhere between the Instant I write today and doing my allotted words for this years' novel, I will extract the gift from its hiding place, emparcel it, and hide it anew.

All this is possible because I have more money than I thought I did. Huzzah.

My frugality is saving my skin, this week. Meanwhile, Beloved keeps spending money until it's no longer possible, because Beloved insists on using cards. I insist on using cash.

Mind you, my expenses vary depending on how much I keep in reserve and how much I need to restock. Meanwhile, Beloved deals with all the bills, which come in at alarming rates, sometimes.

Selling my books would help the household economy a great deal.

Looks like I can't do that this year. Bleh.