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Edging Towards Normal?

So, my internet went do-lally at the exact same time that YouTube crashed, and I only learned it was a thing after some semblance of connectivity restored itself and I saw all the memes.

I missed an international event because my internet access was that shit.

Only I could roll a nat one on perception like that, folks.

It's cleaning day, so things might be delayed.

Sneaky Sneaky

I know for a fact that my Best Beloved does not read this blog. Therefore I'm about to get away with everything I'm detailing here.

I've refrained from detailing the purchases I made yesterday to get Beloved's birthmas gift. And today, somewhere between the Instant I write today and doing my allotted words for this years' novel, I will extract the gift from its hiding place, emparcel it, and hide it anew.

All this is possible because I have more money than

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