Slow to start

I really knocked myself sideways, yesterday. On the plus side, the laundry is a hell of a lot cleaner. On the minus side - I got whacked with the Asthma Truck.

It was the most severe attack that I've had since before I got onto Ketogenics.

Two doses of Atrovent and one of those with 5ml of saline to loosen things up. Plus a good hour staying away from further pathogens... and I was relatively fine. Note the qualifier.

I'm still having a little tightness in my bronchi, and the occasional barking cough, but I can breathe without a struggle, so that's okay.

I've been encountering lung trouble since I was eight. As a direct result, I'm seriously blasé about random restrictions to my air. There's only reason to panic when I start turning blue.

Plus, if I turn up in Triage with an unhealthy cyanotic glow, there's a chance I might be seen to a little sooner than the six hours that they usually leave me to gasp like a landed fish.

Plus, when you get down to it, there's not a lot the hospital can actually do for me. They'll give me a saline dose in the nebuliser, Atrovent if that doesn't work, and Ventolin if that doesn't work. Then they'll pump me full of antibiotics whether I need it or not, give me some choice antihistamines, and maybe some oxygen if things don't improve.

I have most of the same stuff at home. I can, have, and will put a saline dose in Max and I don't need to hang around gasping for that noise for six hours whilst being exposed to other people's pathogens.

...and in other news, I've just found out that I'll be roaming about the countryside for red tape reasons, which includes a delivery run to drop Beloved off at their work.

Tomorrow is going to be disorganised "fun".