Slow progress

Solar drying is going to save us on the electricity bill. Rounding up the rubbish is going to improve my ability to breathe, by and by. Eventually. And putting the clean things away is going to help us keep track of the filthy things. Of which there are lots.

As with always when I attempt to clean up, my lungs do protest too much.

And I still have yet to scatter the house with insect baits. Sigh.

But I can see that I'm making progress. Even if it is in the sheer volume of litter coming out of the house.

Tomorrow, Chaos and I are going to the doctors. Both for a fresh supply of meds. And to set in motion lots and lots of things that could plausibly get Chaos all the help she needs to move forward in life.

And now that I have returned home, I am resuming the uploads of my Shaturday Specials. I won't be recording a new session until I'm almost out of my old videos. Which looks like it's going to take a really long time, dear readers. I have 8 Silentvilles and 28 Titanics to upload. Even if I can upload one a day, that's a month before I have to play another shitty game.

Which means a month with other things to do. Like de-mucking the house. And de-mucking my vocabulary. Yep. Everything in this house is getting cleaned up. Including my filthy, filthy gob.