Spring Cleaning

A 2-post collection

Sunday, Day 0, Another Day "Off"

Plague news: EIGHT new cases [and a plethora of hotspots]. Five local transmissions, three imports. There's twenty-one total active cases, thirteen of those are in the hospital.

I can already guess a Knomira got loose with the plague. Some of those hotspots are in MeMum's roaming range. She's had both her jabs, but she's still waiting for efficacy to kick in. Yeeps.

Beloved and I are Spring Cleaning. New gender, new attitude, new house. I'm loving it.

We need storage solutions to deal with my love's big plns, including a rebuggering of the walk-in wardrobe so we can actually store everything we have.

Saint Vinnies is about to get a honkload of otherwise servicable clothings :D [I'm probably going to throw out some things that should have been thrown out ages back :#) ]

We're already getting rid of some EMPTY BOXES! YES! This has been a bone in my contention for literal years.

Beloved has believed that if you throw out the box it came in, you have to take it back. Oh dear.

In streaming news: Toasty's still taking a sabbatical and Benji's compy is still broken, so I am merely waiting for 8AM to roll around for my timeslot to do my nonsense.

That's some hours away.

So I'm going to ferry out some of that cardboard.

In the news:

  • A wombat hole may have saved the 3YO Autiste who was lost in the bush
  • Men are voluntarily castrating themselves for some reason [At least they're electing for surgery]
  • 9/11 was twenty years ago
  • Australia's up to 66.9% first-vaxxed, 41.9% double-vaxxed
  • Evacuating Kabul continues to be a clusterfuck

And now I evict rubbish now that the light is here.

Slow progress

Solar drying is going to save us on the electricity bill. Rounding up the rubbish is going to improve my ability to breathe, by and by. Eventually. And putting the clean things away is going to help us keep track of the filthy things. Of which there are lots.

As with always when I attempt to clean up, my lungs do protest too much.

And I still have yet to scatter the house with insect baits. Sigh.

But I can see that

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