Slow-ish start

It's the weekend, and despite our best-laid PLNs to finish tidying up the yard rubbish, it's almost 11AM and my Beloved has yet to get out of bed.

Not that I'm enamoured of heavy lifting, per se, but I'd rather get the onerous stuff over with, you know?

But I have done my Instant first and I plan to nudge Beloved after I'm done with the advertising cycle.

Beloved's doing a three-day fast, starting yesterday. That's their pln. For the uninitiated, fasting does not mean starving yourself. You take in nutrients in the form of clear broth. In our case, stock. Chicken stock, beef stock, veggie stock... whatever you like.

No fats, no meat, no veggies. Just stock and whatever beverages one likes.

I already told Beloved not to force themself on this noise. Just... go for as long as they can.

Myself? I am not fasting. One: I don't think I could hack it and, Two: I like food.

The good news is that, despite my doctor's concerns, I'm hitting all the good Keto targets. And in order to prove a point about the cholesterol, we've ordered a special blood test that analyses the lipid count and not the percentage of volume.

LDL vs VLDL1 is important. It's the difference between filling a glass with golf balls or filling them with seed beads. If you fill it with seed beads, you have a FUCKTON of things in that glass. That's what the bad VLDL's would look like by volume.

If you use golf balls, the LDL's, then you don't have that many at all. Still fills the glass, and panics the doctors because they think the glass is full of VLDL's.

Unfortunately, the blood test in question costs about $200 all up. And it makes a round trip to Germany.

The good news, though, is that the cleaners now cost us less, so we have a squinch more extra dosh to deal with that.

I like it when things work out.

  1. Low Density Lipids and Very Low Density Lipids, respectively. The LDL's are the ones that are part of the repair system and the VLDL's are the ones that fuck everything up. The more you know.