Silence There

I haven't heard anything back from the car repair people, so I shall assume they discovered that they were the ones who fucked up and are now sweating cobs about how to handle this news.

I can hope for schadenfreude and not be evil, right?

Well, small sins aside, I took a sanity break from ficcing yesterday, and I fully expect my daughter-across-the-water to be slightly peeved about that. She needs her ficcy fix and I was unable to provide.

I needed the sanity break, though.

I think when I'm done with the first book of KOS, I might take a sanity break there before I start on book two: The Shining Spires. The way things have been going, I need some sanity breaks.

I want an extended one now, but... y'all need your story and I need to finish KOSBOB and even if I said I was quitting writing, you can bet that I would be writing something fun in less than a week.

I just can't not write.

But I am kind'a looking forward to having fun with it again at a later date. Not saying that KOSBOB doesn't have its moments, but I would like a chance to just chill about things once in a while.

Of course, this is a self-imposed job and if I wanted to take a more relaxed attitude to my word count, I could, but... It just feels unprofessional. We've tied our worth to output with the internets and associated web-based output-to-income machines.

Even when that output is unseen, it's still an evaluation.

We should stop hurting ourselves like that.