Beloved stayed up later than they should have, last night. As a result, I've had my first sideways morning for a majority of a week.

BUT... the house is not in chaos, I have plans to tidy up one of my piles, and I have other plans to do some minor fixes for costume parts for Halloween.

What I really have to do is hurry up with this blog, today's Instant, and the thousand words I usually do on Fridays so that I have all of the weekend for other things (aka: muckin' about)... all before my office space turns into an oven because the air conditioner doesn't.

There are plans in the aether to get our house a split system at last1 but those are Beloved's plans and I have no idea when or if they will come through.

Mayhem's stomach bug is back, and he might have given it to me, because five seconds after breakfast came some dangerously vomit-inducing nausea. I kept my Weet Bix down, though, and soldiered on.

Needs must. Devil drives. Et cetera.

  1. Almost twenty years after we put in electronic preparation for the stuff. Bitch bitch whine whinge moan...