It doesn't matter which order things are done in, only that they are done. Therefore, it's no surprise that my little darlings have adapted to the 'get up and do it' routine whilst my Beloved still drags their heels.

Mayhem has taken to sorting the laundry as part of his morning routine. Chaos still needs a lot of reminding, but she is getting used to the way things are meant to go.

Beloved... is working late because Melbourne Cup. Their work gets a great deal of traffic in November and shoring up the servers is always work for when the office is relatively empty. And they need babysitting because since when has a vital upgrade ever gone smoothly?

That's right. Never.

My plans to co-write a book with some friends have gone down the tube. Alas alack. BUT the good news is that I have permission to go forth and write it myself. With a few minor changes.

Writing commences officially in 2018. But I've written enough world-building facts to start it today. O, for some resolve not to write it immediately. I have to focus on Beauties and the Beastly.

I have enough titles and potential in my queue to keep me going until 2033. I should definitely have some form of fandom by then. And I can only hope that it doesn't turn septic.

Some fandoms are great. Some... are possessive. And some turn in on themselves and go rotten. The fandom is not the thing. You can love the thing without loving the fandom. Hell, you can love the thing without loving the creator of the thing. It's allowed.

And when my fandom blooms... if it blooms at all... I will have no control whatsoever over what they choose to do. And that's a little on the scary side.

But I'll never get a fandom if I don't ship KFZ off to the next agent-in-waiting. Ah, procrastination, please fuck right off.