So let's recap my weekend:

  • Slept most of Saturday
  • Getting over gut greeblies
  • The best part of Sunday tweaking the timing in SESP
  • Rage and frustration at the above
  • Finally posting SESP so far

...and this morning, it's blocked. Boo. Because copyright.

This now marks the SECOND time that I have kindly asked for permission to use the song in a thing. I'll send them an official email as well.

I'm not bothered because it was less than a minute of video and it's not nearly done yet. But I want the finished product to have synchronous sound when I share it. If I share it.

Like, I still want to finish this thing, even if it's just for me... but sharing with others is always my thing. It's going to be emotionally difficult if the band says 'no'. It's easy to hear 'no' from a person of esteem and go directly to "they hate me". I just have to respect that they have a brand to protect.

Today is going to be busy as hell, starting with another 4-hour unfucking session starting possibly as soon as I get home from the brat run. Maybe the nice cleaner person will let me have breakfast, but not much else. Expect todays' story to be L-A-T-E.

And I still have to set up a dinner. That's going to be fun. Because, guaranteed, I will be RAT FACED by the time I'm done with the house.

This has been a fun, fun day.