Challenge #01628-D167: Honey Trap

When stepping into a Gods domain, enter as the supplicant or as something greater than a God. Never as a conqueror, Gods take a deep and personal delight in casting down challenges to their authority. -- RecklessPrudence

We apologise for the inconvenience, said the words in her head. We must quarantine you from reality as you know it.

After ten years of bouncing from reality to reality, the being who called herself Shayde had to wonder what these superior powers were up to. She opened her eyes and saw white. White fog on white ground against white architecture and blazing white skies. She squinted against the glare.

Shayde placed her palm on the white ground and tried to push herself up. It looked like cotton wool, but it felt... sticky. And weirdly warm. And unpleasantly moist. Some of it was soaking through her clothing. It was a struggle to sit up, and when she did, for a brief fraction of a second, the moisture on her clothing looked like a red so dark it could almost be black. But then she blinked and more white invaded her vision. It looked like white paint. But there was something wrong about it.

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