Semi-big plns

I'm unfucking Mayhem's room, today, which involves shifting a set of drawers so that random crap doesn't fall between it and the wall ever again. I expect to be suitably ratted by the end of the day.

Especially since this is Wednesday and also Rowing Day.

I definitely have to slow down my writing for a bit of a while, or do voice-to-text (which sucks arse) because my wrists are acting up again. It's possibly a deficiency in something that will likely be fixed by increasing my intake of whatever... but just in case it's me being a doofus and hurting myself with my own enthusiasm... I'm taking it a bit slower for a few days.

And it turns out that Mayhem's room was slightly easier to unfuck than previously assumed. Bonus. The furniture is moved and I'm trusting Mayhem to do good work. I'll be inspecting, later, to make sure he did actual work. Because Mayhem excels at one thing, and that's slacking off.

Also have to take some time, today, to get a couple of big-arse storage boxes for the technoscrattle I excavated from the front room. If it's stored, then at least it's a little neater than not stored. I'll probably be looking for stackable storage boxes for my crap from the other mountain still left standing in this house. After that... it's just figuring out where to put the boxes so that it doesn't devolve into another mountain of crap.

Somewhere in this mess, I also have to arrange some form of dinner for the starveling hordes. I haven't cooked inside of a week and I'm feeling like a slacker.

Beloved hasn't done one blessed thing to help out with the cleaning, this week. They've been doing a root canal on the operating system for their company. I just wish they'd actually do a few things. Even if it was nibbling their own sort-it pile at the rate of one thing per pass.

I shall find the cheapest, soundest boxes I can and get loads. Everything's getting packed up. So there.