Second Day On Meds! Whee!

Also day 2 of attempting to Art every day.

I went ahead and got myself some free animation programs for my iPad and... eeesh.

The free programs always have a "pay for features you need" aspect and it's getting on my niblets because not a lot of cash flow on my end of the chain. I get it. Animation is hard, I get it.

What's so wrong about making animation just a little smidge easier for noobs like me? Please inform me of the stuff behind the logic here. Is it possible to make an animation program for people who've never animated before? If not, why?


Anyway, the animatic program I got is impossible to sync to sound and the animation program with importable sound is frame-by-frame and will involve a LOT of copy-pasting on my behalf.

At this point, it's going to be easier for me to just draw the scenes in my head and then export them into Adobe Animate like I have been for SESP.

Which means I should get on with finishing SESP first. Whelp. I've been streaming progress on projects so far, so it seems like method. First step - successfully sending myself the PSD from my preferred art program. I failed that yesterday by accidentally sending myself a JPG instead of a PSD. Take two later on.

Today's PLN is getting the family to gather up a singular bag of rubbish from around the household. Powers know there's enough rubbish lying around. My other task for the day is getting a minimum of one load of dishwashing done.

That's the PLN. Let's see if I win.