So let's recap:

  • I forgot to post yesterday's Instant on Tumblr
  • Nobody noticed
  • I spent so much energy fetching the ingredients for the proposed noms that I had zero energy to actually make said noms
  • I had trouble going to sleep last night
  • I had trouble staying asleep last night
  • I woke up tired
  • And the process of making myself make those noms meant that I missed out on most of my morning activity. Including my daily walk and dog-annoying.

I have learned:

  • If you try to put an entire, punctured, butternut pumpkin in the microwave for twenty minutes, one of your little darlings will demand a nuked breakfast
  • And also the microwave will have a quiet mental breakdown and slip into its error display
  • Nuking an entire butternut pumpkin takes longer than you think it would. Especially on a morning where entropy seems to be having the most fun.

I'm out of spoons, I've just had a coffee, and I've still got to organise all these firkin nom ingredients into actual potentially delicious food.

There's a spate of bills happening this pay cycle, so I'm kind'a glad I got myself an official-type watering can. No more busting my thumbs with containers designed for kitchen use only. I can lug up to nine litres of Dihydrogen Monoxide up to the garden and give my tiny lettuces a treat.

The only problem with growing my own food is I have no idea what weeds look like. So I might be getting a bumper crop of cobblers' pegs along with the tomatoes. I'll find out when the fruit happens, I guess.

The mint, however, is coming back like Revenge of the Undead Bride of the Corpse's Monster IV. One out of four planted parsley plants has survived, and I'm pretty certain one of the garlic chives I think I'm growing is actually just grass. If I could retain more information about plants, I could be certain. But I need a cheat sheet. Or that robot that stabs unwelcome sprouts into an early demise.

This would be an IDEAL day to start the ball rolling on my mental health plan... but because bills are happening, I have to wait for a little while longer. Until we get paid again in early November.

When I will be on tenterhooks because I'm also waiting for word from that nice, potential agent. I've emotionally learned that early reply = "Sorry, but we think you(r book) sucks." So maximum anxiety = I need HELP! So... theoretically... I should be going out and doing that thing.

Hahaha who am I kidding? I'll find a way to procrastinate about this until firkin JANUARY.