Schedule changes

My love has new employment. Which will include new hours, apparently. I'm already laying bets as to whether they will hold. But Beloved swears that they will keep hours between 7:30AM and 3:30PM. Which means our morning physical jerks will transform into afternoon exercises and probably gassing about a great many things.

I'm looking forward to exercising again.

I'm also browsing the news and it looks like there might be a National Women's Strike in protest against the 27% pay gap and other injustices against everyone who counts themselves as a lady.

Say it with me:

  • Women's rights are human rights
  • Trans rights are human rights
  • POC rights are human rights
  • Disabled rights are human rights
  • Youth rights are human rights
  • Muslim rights are human rights
  • Every human on the planet deserves the same rights as the white men. All over the world.

...cue squealing from the white men because they think that they're losing something because of someone else's gain.

Since the date of the strike has yet to be announced, consider this a vague warning that, should it happen, this blog will be closed in solidarity with those who still have to strike to get what they clearly deserve.

Considering what happened with the Women's Strike in Greenland[I think?], I'm kind'a hoping that just the threat of a global Women's Strike might just scare enough beans out of the assembles misogynists in charge that they back down and start listening for a change. But then, listening has never been their strong point.


It's going to be interesting times, folks.