Scary stuff

I'm going to spend some time every weekday learning a little about how to animate. Starting with sourcing the best, cheapest, dummins-proof animation software and learning how do deal with that.

Recommendations are welcome, by the way.

This is as well as spending some time every day doing all my writing projects, the daily doodle, and squeezing in a little good old-fashioned fun.

I'm also pondering going to Lulu to print some hardcopies of some of my eBooks. Legal obligations prevent me from printing the Years of Instants, but you can still pick from the following:

  • The Hevun's Child Trilogy (either as individual short books or one big collection)
  • All my short stories to date (probably entitled something really creative like "C.M. Weller's Shorts" or "Tales From the Weird Side")
  • The Amity Incident
  • and, if it's rejected by all of the best, Kung Fu Zombies

I haven't got all my rejections yet, but it's gotta happen soon. The eighth of March isn't that far away. And -hey- if it actually gets accepted, then it might be showing up in a bookstore near you. Most likely, a bargain bin in a bookstore near you. Keep a weather eye out. I'm not going to be super-represented during my first three published books. After that, it depends on how many sales I get.

That's assuming that I actually get accepted.

There's still a few days left for the rejection to happen. And then I start again by offering at the next agent.

...round and round I go.

I'll keep working on things for the Sleep Evil Sleep project. More involved pictures. Full colour. Textures for the backgrounds. Stand-alone figures and frames and so forth. I plan on spending a few days on the promo pic. Which will give me time to learn about the animation thing.

And I am still terrified that all of this effort will fall just as flat as everything else I've tried.

But I still have to keep on trying. Gotta be an unexpected success some time.