Saturday, Dominoes

Allow me to draw your attention to the meme blank I have attached to my blog. It illustrates how one little thing can lead to big consequences down the line.

Like... the little one could be labeled, "Emperor Constantine sees a cross in the sunshine" and the large one would have, "President Reagan decides to let millions die of AIDs for moral reasons" That sort of thing.

For me today, it would go thusly: Little event - "Beloved spends a little too much time in a live group chat" and the big one being, "Y'all get a twofer tomorrow."

So let's spell out the steps.

  • Beloved spends a little too much time in a live group chat
  • She needs a lot of sleep and therefore sleeps in
  • We don't go to Parkrun today
  • I ask if we can maybe help MeMum unfuck some of the enfuckening happening with her electronica and household devices
  • She says yes
  • We spend a majority of the day on getting MeMum a new Lappy and helping her decide which new washing machine she wants
  • Also on setting up said new Lappy
  • Dinner on the way home
  • No time to write a story if I want to wake up at Fuckoff AM for group chat and game night tomorrow morn
  • Y'all get a twofer tomorrow.

Now I am offski to cuddle my beloved, have a nice hot bath, and get some firkin SLEEP.