What I was not told until late last night, is that we're taking off for South Australia at four in the morning, tomorrow. So we can be at the airport in time to hurry up and wait.

Today will all be packing, when we're not celebrating Mother's Day in a very rushed way.

So far, the Primary Parental of the house has not been woken up by younglings. And one of said younglings apparently spent all night gaming instead of coming up with a last-instant gift.

So. Expect tomorrow's Instant to be late. Because plane rides are not the best environment for posting shit on the internet. I will be working on my novel in the air, so that time spent sitting in a tin can won't be wasted.

Who knows? I might even get some more of Clockwork Souls written. That's the book I'm not supposed to be writing until next year, that I started working on last year.

Novl'r saved my butt on that one, since Stackedit won't let me do two works at once for reasons completely unknown to me. Once I finish with Rael, I can transfer my chapters into Stackedit and see how many words I have. It might be a case of "Whoops, I accidentally wrote an epic" or "Whoops, I might have to make something of a trilogy". In which case, I may well be most of the way there and no time will be spent on waiting.

It's all going on Lulu anyway. I'm convinced that the publishing industry won't want my weird little stand-alone worlds. People don't want them, either. So far, only one copy of KFZ has sold. But I haven't been spending much effort on selling it, either.

When I have the free time. Which won't be next week.

Anyway. Enough whingeing. I need to get on with stuff.