Ridding the house of time vampires

Anyone who does housework knows what time vampires are. You want to work on the hobby, but you have to do this bit or that bit of housework that just sucks your time away.

Well, Mt Laundry now has its last load in the machine and I am waving farewell to that set of time vampires. Now I should have more time to deal with mental health and Halloween costumes and assorted whatnot that has been biding its time until I finally had "enough".

So I now have time to fix my hat for my costume, and figure out a new harness for the heart. And rearrange all my earring scrattle into one big, roach-proof hobby box. Huzzah.

And we just got money again so I'm free to get a few little things here and there to finalise this or that cunning PLN.

I'm still waiting for the findings so I can make the glorious prizes for the entire two people who participated in my last follower contest.

Meanwhile, Mayhem is home crook from an upset tum and actually volunteered to help clean. I have amazement.