Resolving Issues

So. Next week, there's going to be three days when I'm both on the road and emotionally compromised. I'm not going to be writing my novel on those days. I might not contribute to it for that entire week.

I might not be doing my daily stories. I can try, but... they just might not happen. Not for three days.

Rest assured that I am still alive and doing my best.

Daily blogs will still happen because 3AM is apparently my jam. I'm playing things by ear from Sunday through to Tuesday.

Similarly, the usual nonsense with Patreon and Wordpress won't be happening next week. I have other concerns. Primarily, bidding a good friend a final farewell. That's going to have my head all over the place. That and the seven-hour journey between me and them.

I have to work out what I'm wearing, what I'm packing, and my general plan for being there. Working out what/when/how I'm eating for those three days is going to be "fun". I'm partially planning working with whatever I can absorb in the local area. Road snacks will be road snacks and I will be selecting the most virtuous option(s) I can find.

I'm not going to be rude about food in a social sich.

But for now... I have tales to tell.