Relative lassitude

Completely forgot about a parental/teacher talk, yesterday. A process that involved me derping about it and then a mad dash up to Chaos' school to talk about stuff in relation to her education.

Since they're doing poetry and rhyming, I was able to sell Steam Powered Giraffe to one of the teachers there. I might be making some more fans, sometime soon.

It'll be so much fun to have someone to nerd out with.

Today, for a change, I have nothing more planned than my writing and, if I can wedge in the time, working on SESP after almost a month of not working on SESP.

I'm doing a frame a day for Rabbit's spinning, so that should be done by next week.

The third and final shot before I publish an update video is going to involve masks, four frames of animation, and two backgrounds.

I already headcannon Kazooland as a weird, rainbow, Seuss-esque landscape, so I'm going to have me some fun with the backgrounds.

I also did a timestamp so that people won't complain about whether or not the vid is working. Just a little extra for my viewers. All five of them ;)

But for now, I have kids to get into line.