Rain! Rain!

Finally, after what feels like forever in the dry, the rainy season has started.

We have a good rain that's settled in, but I'm still attempting to push it towards the dams and the drought-stricken zones. We need the rain. We do not need floods washing away what there is of the topsoil.

Of course, I could argue that we should be attempting to farm kangaroos and emus that are actually used to feast/famine conditions, but that's me. The problems inherent in kangaroos are on the expensive side of solutions. At least, they are if you persist on solving things like a whitefella.

...said the whitest of whitefellas there could possibly be...


Beloved and I went out to see What Men Want, last night and I have a few Thoughts on the entire thing... including but not limited to some of the choices the scriptwriters made vis-a-vis representation, stereotypes, and what could have been better choices if people just thought about things for five minutes.

First on my chopping block is going to be gender dynamics in romcoms. I think I might have concocted a Hero's Journey-esque Romance of a Thousand Couples. Which means I have some serious grist for Wordpress Wednesday and a mighty need to write all my ideas in potentia the heck down.

Which I will be doing right after I post this blog.