Procrastination is my co-pilot

I have work to do, errands to run, and stuff to acquire. So of course I'm watching YouTube instead of doing any of it. Go me.

But I did do some things to help with progress around the house. I also am instilling a new policy. The kids have to do one ten-minute task to help with the house before they sit down at their devices.

With luck and vigilance, this should help keep the mess down so that progress can be made, so that I don't have to shell out $160 a week to the nice people who are helping clean our home.

Also on the agenda are adventures in dry cleaning, some shopping (we're out of both eggs and vinegar), and then an endless ream of laundry that I hope to put out on the solar dryer.

You watch. The next cyclone will be coming this afternoon.

In between then and now, I also have to draft a query letter for Adapting, which I shall be sending off to the next A2B and probably also emailing to a minimum of one other A2B because turn-around times are a bitch.

I'd also like some free time to process all my rescue singles, but that's likely to happen this afternoon.

The bad news is that part of my adventures includes measuring the fibreboard part of our window and going to Bunnings to fetch a weather-proof replacement. Which I hope Beloved will re-imburse me for.

I do now have the Suncorp card. The PIN will be arriving in the next few days (huzzah) and then I can get on with getting on with whatever the next step happens to be.

I will be glad to have proper finances again.