Plotting and PLNs

Today, my Beloved is home. Today, I have a chance to print out a miniature. A chance. Not a guarantee.

I'm not going to pay for the download until I know Beloved is awake because the longer I have money in my account, the better it's doing for me. Also because I don't want shenanigans from getting the wrong file. So I want to be sure I'm getting it right.

I have just enjoyed watching Toastyhat create more of her video, and there should be another update video to fic off of come next weekend. I, for one, welcome the opportunity to create more words based off of an unreleased animatic music video.

For now, though I should focus on making a story for y'all. There's some hours before my Beloved awakes. I should be able to get a story out for you by then.

Let's see how well I do.