Today's big ToDo is: Investigate Patreon.

Nobody's said a word about the thing, so I'm guessing that nobody has an objection about it. I'm terrified, despite the fact that I know damn well that the people sponsoring me on Patreon will be coming in as a trickle, not as a flood.

It's not as if I have a lot of people reading this blog anyway.

Yes, this URL is the hub for my everything, but... I get the increasing feeling that hardly anyone cares what's going on in my life. Sorry I'm boring, I guess. I have to fix some linkage in the menu and get rid of the PayPal thing. That never paid off. Patreon means that I get a regular income. Even if it's a small regular income. And it means that people get more of what they apparently want - my writing. And less of the dull stuff - my life.

Today, I have to focus, or little will get done.

So I'm staying away from Minecraft. I'm not reading Tumblr or watching Mumbo Jumbo on Youtube. I'm shunning Cookie Clicker and The Kittens Game. In short, I'm staying away from all the stuff I usually faff about with, so that I don't spend all of today faffing about.

Faffing is for free time, and I have free time when I'm done with my work.

Work that will also include updating my Adobe membership and getting hold of their animation software. Assuming I can get the new credit card deets off of Beloved.

But if I can't, I'm still definitely setting up Patreon.

I want to get things DONE today.