PLNs, Health, and Assorted Catastrophes

We've finished all the notching for the lowest side of the Kitty Kondo(tm), so that's ready for assembly. In light of the last asthma attack, I am now the proud owner of a SuperMask(tm) that makes a satisfactory Darth Vader noise when I breathe out, so yay. It does not smell, it does not make me feel like I'm suffocating, it especially keeps out the pathogens, and it's only mildly inconvenient with glasses, so it's a winner in my book.

It's also apocalypse rated, so I'm set. Bring on the Zombie plague, I know where to get body armour and I already own a machete. I'm good.

Whilst I'm writing this nonsense, my Beloved is at my PC, doing things with my extended wishlist. I may have more Let's Plays in my future. Powers know I have to finish up with my extant footage of Oh My Mods. Priorities. I'm getting a furbaby in two weeks, and things need to be ready.

I shall get done with this, and drag my Beloved away from their sinister PLNs so we can get on with the firkin prep for this dang cat enclosure. Though it's looking like I'll have the time for today's Instant before we get rattling.

Beloved is using my PC to play a PC only game. LOL. I might be able to play the same game later on for the giggles. Maybe.

Ah well. On with the show.