Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

Long-arse drive to Scenic Coominya and back, because Beloved still hasn't gone to the doctor about their shoulder. A nap for most of the day definitely helped my endurance.

My perma-sniffles are back, so I'm on a mission to get myself some codral with pseudo-ephedrin to knock it out of my life. We hope. After that, I shall consult with experts because I am bloody tired of going through a box of tissues every other day.

Bloody sniffles.

I started today at two in the morning with a fuck-off headache and ran out of tissues. On my way to get more tissues, I discovered that Mayhem had, once again, broken the rules and taken his phone into bed so he could watch videos.

What followed was spotty sleep until the diverse alarms went off. There's ones that go off at about four or five in the morning, followed by mine at half-past five.

This headache feels like a storm headache, in that my eye sockets feel like they've been stabbed. I've taken some painkillers and some Cream of Oxo soup, and that's really helped.

I get the feeling that the codral is going to be on my bedside, because I only get the sniffles first thing in the morning. They're hell at that time, but I'm usually fine for the rest of the day.

I might also try clean bedsheets, since I came out of the last pay cycle with $90 in my hot little hand. King-Size sheets probably cost more, but it won't take so big a chunk out of my budget.

Tomorrow is a public holiday. For which my Beloved and I have a day of Warcraft planned. And as a bonus, we're seeing a movie tonight.

Today, I have to write up that query letter for the snailmail A2B that I've been gassing about. I hate snailmail. I much prefer email. At least you know it's going to get there. I have to add tracking there, provide an SASE with tracking, and hope for the best.

I did some math on the Lulu thing, and I will have to sell five copies of the softcover before I make back the money I spent on the proof copy. So here's hoping someone buys the thing. Five times over.

If it sells in places other than Lulu, I make $0.04 per copy. Not the best deal in the world when Lulu gives me $7 per sale. You can guess that I'm invested in keeping all of that seven bucks, so I'll be filling in the tax form and sending it off as soon as humanly possible.

At least I can fax this one. Soon as I work out how to fax things again. I might need help for that.

But I still have work to do and a book to write, and life carries on regardless.