Challenge #01573-D112: The Aptly-named Terra

Correct dress varies from full formal to the Northern Territory Australian version 'wear a singlet And thongs (flip flops). -- Knitnan

Welcome to the Terran Solar system. All Havenworlder species are advised to engage in tourism inside a livesuit, and with a bodyguard if your Havenworld is of Class 3 or above. For those species who can endure a Class 4.5 Deathworld, acceptable dress ranges from "full head-to-toe covering if female" to "we don't care, just cover your naughty bits". A colour-coded map is provided in your tourist material as to which areas are which.

Cultures range from extremely religious (Hazard map areas described in black) to truly egalitarian. Beware of oligarchies if one is running low on funds. Despite the dominant religious message of, "be kind to the needy," the oligarchies seem to believe that the disadvantaged have been cursed by their most convenient God(s). This is despite the fact that no extant religious text outlines this as a fact.

Pointing this out to theist oligarch humans only annoys them. Do not irritate these humans, as they are prone to fits of violence. These are, of course, the statistical outliers to be wary of. As a whole, Terran natives are friendly, amenable, and willing to forgive minor mistakes from obvious visitors.

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