So I woke up at one in the morning again. Aka: fuckoff AM. What followed was a rough morning and maybe a couple of disturbed naps.

So I'm anticipating one hell of a day, today.

On the plus side, my wrists are already improving, now that I'm no longer pushing myself to write more than I should. Yay there. And I'm having some pig fat tonight.

We got some nice pork belly thawing today, and we'll be figuring out how to deep fry that noise with ribs in the way. Fun.

And then we're making pork stock with the bones. Huzzah.

Mayhem is home sick, today. So I'm hauling him off to the doctors and maybe getting a cauliflower so I can make more Cauli Patties. This time, featuring cheese.

If I get my Beloved into it, they'll turn them into Cauli Extravaganzas which will probably be more fun. But then we pretty much have to formalise the recipe and hand it over.

Because Chaos LO-V-E-S the Cauli Patties, apparently. Teaching the school how to make them could be beneficial to all. Especially those considering a low-carb diet.

Sooner or later, I'll have a low-carb for cheapos type recipe book.