Ooh, it's all so nice in the nuthouse...

Misinformation is spreading from the highest sections, with people in the admin section of the USA recommending dangerous shit like medication that hasn't been properly tested, or sticking a blow-dryer up your nose. We need experts on the screen telling folks the proper things to do.

The Muppet says that everyone should get back to work by April 12, whilst the actual medics say he's pulled that date out of his arse. In Australia, we have people with red circles on their chests as well as people with green squares. This is an at-a-glance thing for something, but I can't find any sources on what it is.

I did note that a newsie wearing a red circle was interviewing a police officer with a red circle. I'm fairly certain this is an exposure thing since red circles are allowed to be closer to red circles than 1.5 meters.

They are keeping their distance from everyone for the TV in the US, with little tables between the chairs, but there's not enough space when the Muppet and the presenter both lean towards each other. Yeesh.

The job-keeper bailout is a blessing for loads of small businesses, but shopping centers are demanding full rent for the shop spaces. Dudes. You can't make cashola out of empty vessels. Stop it.

We need long term plans. The elderly are being advised to stay isolated for six months. Woolies has an "essentials kit" as far as my newsfeed says, but MeMum can't sign on for delivery and can't access any kind of human contact to help her out. Great alleged job there, folks.

I might have to find out what needs must be done and send a clean person [likely myself] to go sort her tech out for her.

Australia's curve is starting to flatten out, so there is hope for the future, but only if we don't get slack. There's only two vectors for my personal infection and one of those is Beloved ordering food in instead of consuming the prepped meals in our freezer.


There won't be any more sourdough bread unless I can get some flour somehow. I've got about enough to keep the starters alive until the panic finally subsides.

People locked in are doing what they can to stay sane. Making bread, working on arts and crafts. Today's project for me will be assisting Chaos in her project - creating a house in Minecraft. I'll be experimenting with LAN work in a purely creative world to try and keep her focussed.

Beloved will be doing actual work so that's just going to add to the silliness.

Writing my story as fast as I can go. Wish me every luck.