Onwards, ever onwards.

My 2nd-hand lappy has run out of disk space. Again. None of the adjustments I've made are having an effect. I still can't get Beloved to decide which programs on there are superfluous to their needs for the thing, if any actually exist.

In nine days, I should have the Steem needed to have some bitcoins to turn into cashola to buy my very own compy and laptop.

And I STILL can't verify my gorram bank account on the transfer system as it exists. They're just... not doing the thing they said they will.

I'm hoping that putting in a verification request on a Monday will actually do something. But just in case, I'm using the customer support system.

I swear. Every time I try to do things like Beloved does, it fucks up in weird ways that even Beloved can't figure out.

Fingers crossed that the money for my new compys doesn't wind up in electronic limbo for untold eons. But since I contacted customer support, this thing is going to unfuck itself TODAY, and three weeks down the line, I'll get an "Oh, we couldn't detect a problem" email from CS.

That's how it ALWAYS GOES.

Every single time.

Every. Single. Time.

We'll see which wins. My cynicism or the Universe going, "Nah."